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Introducing bevCacao — a new beverage squeezed from the pulp of the cacao fruit, jam-packed with prize-fighting flavanols to deliver a knockout blow to toxins and free radicals.

There’s a reason the botanical name Theobroma Cacao translates literally to “food of the gods.”

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Good for you

RECHARGE AND REFRESH, no matter what life throws at you. Cacao contains specific nutrients proven to enhance these four pillars of health. And the best part? All benefits are naturally occurring. Wellness, the way Mother Nature intended.


    Replenish. Recover. Flush away toxins. Enjoy healthy glowing skin.


    Boost your immune system. Antioxidants restore inner balance.


    Loaded with specific flavanoids which support cardio health. Get that blood pumping.


    Power through the mid-day slump. Experience euphoric feelings from theobromine.

Cacao Juice on ice

A radical trendsetter. Fruity, sweet, and refreshing.
Nature's Functional Beverage.

Tasting notes

  • “This is friggin delicious!”

    In-person First try
  • “I'm gonna give it a solid, solid... 9”

    Live Street Team
  • “I was so surprised by the tropical flavor and it's really refreshing.”

If you don't love it as much as they ☝️☝️ do, we'll happily refund your purchase :)                   

Good For Them

We believe in squeezing the most out of our nutrition and empowering the people that grow our food. That’s why our tropically tangy drink is an overachiever. We seek to promote social change using the pulpy inside of the cacao fruit.

Cacao pods are 40% husk, 30% beans, and 30% pulp. While the cocoa bean industry sends the pulp packing, we prize all that delicious fiber and crush it into our tropically tangy drink. And by using as much of the pod as possible, we’re helping farmers reduce waste and retain more income from their labor. 

We rescue what the cocoa industry wastes, pulverizing cacao pulp into a delicious new drink. By using as much of the pod as possible, we help farming communities earn an additional income while reducing waste – making this juice oh so worth the squeeze, from pulp to profit.

Fact: Cocoa farmers are missing out on margin. bevCacao partners with social collectives like Koa and Cocoa Horizons to help cocoa communities earn more coin. We rescue previously wasted pulp and turn it into juice, meaning parched crowds enjoy bevCacao, and hardworking farmers earn a life changing, added stream of income. That’s a delicious deal, indeed! 

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Join the One Percent Cacao Club

Try bevCacao and become part of the 1% of the world’s population who have ever experienced cacao juice. Welcome to the 1% club😉


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Cacao does not contain caffeine. Instead, it contains Theobromine, 'caffeine's little sister' which has a similar effect but without the neurological jitters.

Cacao juice is naturally sweet. It contains no added sugar, preservatives or chemicals

While cacao is the source for chocolate, bevCacao is the polar opposite from a taste standpoint. Chocolate is made from roasted seeds of the cacao fruit. The fruit contains much more than just the seeds. Until now, we've just been wasting the pulp. But we have figured out how to press the healthy and delicious juice from the pulp. The juice is tropical, fruity, sweet and delicious.

Cacao is grown in countries along the equator, such as West Africa and South America, mostly on small family-owned farms. The fruit pod is hand-harvested and cracked open, then the seeds and pulp are scraped onto the ground, where the seeds are left to dry and ferment. After a few days, the seeds are gathered and sold off to a collective, often for not a lot of money, who then sells them to a chocolate manufacturer. Although the pulp makes up about 30% of the of the cacao fruit, this nutrient-rich and delicious portion goes to waste. Buying the pulp at harvest time, we are providing an entirely new revenue stream for the farmers, up to 30% more, without requiring any additional input on their end. It's life changing! :)

Each serving contains 30% pure cacao juice. At this level, we are able to balance the high amounts of naturally occurring nutrients, a low level of natural sugar, the over all taste of cacao juice along with the cost of the finished product. Why not 100 %? At 100%, an 8oz serving of caca juice would have as much or more sugar than a soda. Although loaded with nutrients, at this level the sugars would cancel out any health benefits, We wanted to create a daily health beverage and calculated that 30% would be ideal.