Free shipping on orders of $39 or more
Free shipping on orders of $39 or more

bevCacao tastes like the tropics after a storm. White peaches and bananas kissed with lychees and a spritz of lemon.

This delicious drink is squeezed from the pulp of the cacao fruit. Literally translating into ‘food of the gods,’ theobroma cacao delivers a supreme serving of antioxidants, electrolytes, and minerals. Uplift your immune system and feel your energy levels ascend with this hydration heavyweight.

  • More antioxidant activity than every other superfruit
  • Increases hydration
  • Packed with electrolytes
  • Natural energy without the caffeine crash
  • Nature's Functional Beverage

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Good For You

Nature's Functional Beverage

  • 2x the antioxidants of acai

    Take down toxins and defend your immunity. Free radicals don’t stand a chance.

  • Unapologetically juicy

    Improves hydration on a cellular level.

  • Epically electrolytic

    Recharge before workouts, recover after exercise or when you’re feeling run-down.

  • Grown in nutrient-rich soil

    For maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals.

  • Filled with fiber

    Promote a healthy gut and a balanced mind–body connection.

  • Pumping plant-based iron

    Vegans rejoice. Greatness grows on trees.



Customer Reviews

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Scott C
Really Good!

These are really good. They don't have any type of weird aftertaste which is unusual for a healthy drink. I swear I felt something like a boost of energy or something after I drank it.

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