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Free shipping on orders of $39 or more

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Drinking cacao juice is straight-up delicious, and it wouldn’t be possible without our cacao farmers. We’ve partnered with social collectives Koa avnd Cocoa Horizons to support and empower cacao communities. Similar to Fair Trade arrangements, these collectives ensure that all profits go back into improving the infrastructure, health, and wellbeing of the community. So we can all enjoy cacao for generations to come.

A flavor we simply wouldn’t waste.

Cacao pods are 40% husk, 30% beans, and 30% pulp. While the cocoa industry sends the pulp packing, we prize all that delicious fiber, crushing it into our tropically tangy drink. By using as much of the pod as possible, we help farmers reduce waste and retain additional income – making the juice oh so worth the squeeze.

Fact: Cocoa farmers are missing out on margin.

bevCacao partners with social collectives like Koa and Cocoa Horizons to help cocoa communities earn more coin. We rescue previously wasted pods and turn their pulp into juice. Parched crowds enjoy bevCacao and independent farmers earn an added stream of income. A delicious deal indeed.

Interested in stocking bevCacao?

You’re not alone. Contact us to start stocking this supreme drop and supporting cacao communities.

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